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At EMIT we believe in

"Do our best today"

simply so we can do better tomorrow. This mantra has propelled us from a rented garage fab shop to an industry leader with over 100 employees. We have humble roots, and those roots help us to look in the mirror every day; compare where we are with where we came from, and realize the amazing results of setting the bar ‘higher than average.’ Every single person at EMIT works tirelessly to ‘Get Stuff Done,’ knowing that each member of our team is vital to our continued success moving forward. We couldn’t be here without our team members, and we can’t go into the future, meeting the next challenges, without adding even more talent to this amazing team. It is my hope that the talent needed to charge into the future is you.

Some of Our Beliefs


The reality of continuous improvement can be a heavy burden if not properly contextualized. Continuous improvement means that you will always look back and see how much better you are today. Despite this, if we are living out our values we should value and appreciate every day with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Goals in Ink. Plans in Pencil.

Set your goals, work them, and learn in the process. In that learning, we will inevitably gain a new perspective. This may lead us to want to take a new path toward our goal. At these moments we must not be afraid to make a new plan. The What and Why is always more important than the How.

Your Word is Your Bond.

There is nothing more powerful to trust than being accountable. Being accountable is doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. Period. Make your word your bond.

Who You Are, Not What You Do

Your title is less important than the character, personality, experience, integrity, and conviction that you bring to it. Don't make the mistake of defining yourself, at your core, according to the actions you take — realize that you are more than the sum of simply what you do.

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