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EMIT Culture

EMIT has a headstrong working culture, focused around various core principles. To the left are a few that we live by!

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There is no “skipping the hard part” in what we do. We must earn the success we build along the way. We cannot experience the feeling of achievement without enduring the feeling of working hard. Embrace the grind—it’s here to stay.


Someone is always counting on you regardless of your position at EMIT. You are the tip of the spear to the next step in the process. Respect your role, beat on your craft, lead the charge.

EMIT is a Manufacturing Company
The Fabricator featured article, August 2020

We design, engineer, think critically, work our tails off and most importantly we build!  With facilities in Sheridan, WY and Greeley, CO, our Team produces a high mix of solutions leveraging our Material Processing, Fabrication, Coatings, and Mechanical/Electronics Assembly talents that carry to multiple industries.  We build Catalytic Converters, Commercial Buildings, Engine Control Systems, Automotive Accessories and so much more.

And we’re just getting started.

Gas Compression Magazine, August 2020


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