Functional and flexible control — at your fingertips.

Our flagship touchscreen panel. Dynamic Control takes the guesswork out of engine & compression control, and makes it a breeze to monitor your data, your way.

Single control panel
Single control panel
One interface, many modules.

Get all the information you need — and hide what you don’t — in one place, with a 12” illuminated touchscreen that’s customized to the data you care about.

Customized for lower costs.

We design and manufacture all our hardware in-house down to the circuit boards, so we’re able to create panels that accommodate only what you need to keep your panel as lean as possible.

Integrated for interoperability.

Dynamic Control communicates with other control systems that your application might already be using, like Caterpillar, so you can keep eyes on everything at once.

Convenience for what’s crucial.

Cellular and wifi connectivity options keep you remotely connected, and convenient hardware ports ensure downloading your data from secure, centralized logs is a simple and straightforward process.

Always getting better.

Painlessness is our priority — we’re always listening to feedback and improving how Dynamic Control can make your life easier. Just give us a call.

Temperature icon
-22°F to 185°F
Humidity Icon
5% - 90%
Max Power icon
Max Power Consumption
Power icon
Typical Power Consumption
USB icon
USB-A Port
Flash Drive Compatible
Ethernet icon
Ethernet Port
for Modbus/TCP
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available in standard & ultra sizes

More about Dynamic Control’s technical specifications can be found on our in-depth wiki

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Control panels

Control Modules

Brain hardware


The BRAIN has a very clear purpose in your Dynamic Control Panel: to control, monitor and protect your Gas Compression asset. Its primary function is to ensure that your compression system operates efficiently and safely at all times, and it provides valuable insights into its performance through real-time monitoring.

Brain plus icon


Our BRAIN+ module provides you with a little extra brain power for your application. It provides additional temperature, digital, and analog inputs and outputs to your Dynamic Control Panel, increasing its power and versatility. With the BRAIN+ module, you can expand the capabilities of your control panel and tailor it to meet the specific needs of your application.



To achieve optimal catalyst performance, it is crucial to have precise and sustained control of the air/fuel ratio. The AFR module is specifically designed to provide such control for all your applications.

Performance Accessories

Ignition Coil

Ignition Coils

Rather than relying on a tank capacitor within the ignition box, energy is charged in a magnetic field of the ignition coil. This method of ignition is more efficient than capacitive ignition because a greater proportion of the generated energy is transferred to the spark.

Throttle Body

Throttle Bodies

The EMIT Governor is an advanced electronic speed control system that is specifically designed for stationary carburetor natural gas engines. This system operates by controlling an electronic throttle body, which is installed on the engine's intake manifold.

Vibration sensor

Vibration sensor

The digital vibration monitoring feature offers intelligent protection for critical components of your machinery. By providing vibration level capabilities and protection for the cooler, compressor, and engine, this feature ensures that your equipment is safeguarded against potential damage caused by excessive vibrations.