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Reliable automation & proactive partnership

EMIT's smart factory capabilities ensure work happens fast and accurately at every step from estimation to production, and our construction management solutions create transparency to create confidence.

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When it comes to steel, don't settle for limited service.

3D fabrication

Rapid results through automation

"On time and on budget" should be a simple goal. Unfortunately, our partners in structural steel often find themselves facing unnecessary logistical complexities baked into conventional processes.  

At EMIT, our commitment to smart automation maximizes our manufacturing capabilities, enabling true 3D fabrication for all of your beams, channels, HSS, angle, bar, and plate needs.

This ensures most of your project time is spent rapidly addressing emergent challenges with contractors you know and trust, instead of getting lost in logistical noise.

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We're dedicated to offering clarity and confidence to our structural steel customers. To that end, our system is designed for transparency and clarity, with all information integrated into a digital format for easy access and understanding.

Innovation toward reliability drives every phase of our construction cycle from fabrication to installation. We never settle for yesterday's process if today yields new revelations for optimizing your project.

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While other fabricators offer the bare minimum in primary and secondary steel, our capabilities go beyond your standard components to address the necessary details. We make the most of our AISC certification, taking pride in our ability to deliver quality on everything from high-tonnage jobs to complex industrial projects.

You can trust the EMIT process to get your jobs done right, all the way from initial design to final coating.

Structural Steel ARTICLES

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